Endowed with technical and skilled human resources, Texcoat is the company suitable for any kind of work or service in the field of coatings and paints

Painting and Varnishing

Painting and varnishing services include general interior and exterior painting, treatment and painting of carpentry and metalwork, anti-graffiti coating and application of intumescent and special paint, including structures such as bridges and viaducts.



Coating services include the application of decorative coating, waterproofing with membranes or epoxy coating, application of filler in preparation for posterior paint work, hydrophobic water repellent coating and fire-resistant or fire-retardant coatings.



Services in Floors work include applying self-leveling compound, anti-slip skid resistant floor coatings, colored slurry seal in sports fields or bicycle lanes and epoxy painting, primarily in commercial and industrial areas or parking lots..


Horizontal Signage

Horizontal signage services cover the marking and painting of sports fields, parking spaces in parking lots or industrial areas, numbering, directional arrows, symbols and logos as well as pedestrian crossings and safety markings such as emergency evacuation paths.



Services provided in restoration include facade improvements, replacement and repair of rooftops and coverings, high pressure water cleaning, graffiti removal, pickling, removal of broken down paint or disintegrating coatings, general repair and preparation of surfaces for paint work.